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Dri-Pak Citric Acid

Dri Pak 250g

We know - acid sounds a bit scary. But Dri-Pak´s Citric Acid is nothing to... Read more

We know - acid sounds a bit scary. But Dri-Pak´s Citric Acid is nothing to be afraid of. As the name suggests, it´s made from the acid found in citrus fruits, and it´s a natural descaler. By busting limescale on your appliances, citric acid helps you save electricity and keep your electric goods running for longer. You can also use it as an eco- and wallet-friendly alternative to white vinegar, as it uses less plastic and isn´t made up of mostly water that you have to pay for. Result!


Cruelty Free
Family Owned Business
Made In The UK
Palm Oil Free

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How to use

To descale your kettle, just pour in about a tablespoon of citric acid and an inch of water, switch the kettle on and watch as the acid fizzes away working its magic. Turn the kettle off before it reaches the boil, and repeat until there’s no more limescale left. Then rinse your kettle out a couple of times before using it again. You can also use citric acid to clean limescale stains on toilets, cloudy glasses, showerheads and more - read the instructions on the manufacturer’s website for full details.


100% Citric acid

About the brand

Dri Pak offer a full range of traditional cleaning products which have been valued for their versatile, effective and safe cleaning for many generations. Dri Pak products are made up of natural cleaning agents such as white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, and citric acid which makes sure every room in our home stays naturally fresh and clean. 

Dri Pak has been a pioneer on sustainable cleaning, with packaging decisions on a balance of practicality and 'whole life' impact, they also have a policy of no animal testing and their products are suitable for vegans. Dri Pak products can save you money as they are so versatile and can be used all over the home for many different tasks.


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