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Dri-Pak Soda Crystals

Dri Pak 1kg

In the beginning, there were soda crystals. Yes, when the cleaning products we know today... Read more

In the beginning, there were soda crystals. Yes, when the cleaning products we know today were a mere twinkle in the inventor´s eye, soda crystals were what everyone used for doing the cleaning and laundry. And let´s face it, you can´t argue with a back-to-basics approach. You can use Dri-Pak´s versatile, non-toxic Soda Crystals to clean just about anything, harnessing the power of a naturally-occurring mineral to save money and time while making short work of dirt and grease. And that´s with a sustainable environmental footprint to boot.


Cruelty Free
Family Owned Business
Made In The UK

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How to use

You can use Soda Crystals as a water softener as well as for tackling dirt, grease and oil in a variety of contexts around your home, from unblocking sinks to cleaning the washing machine to removing the burnt residue on your pots and pans. They’re also great for cleaning an area before using a disinfectant on it, but don’t use these two products at the same time, and never mix bleach with any other cleaning products. Cleaning and deodorising the washing machine Removing burnt on residue in pots and pans Helping to keep sinks and drains fresh and blockage free Grease removal in household cleaning and laundry Removing moss and algae from paths & patios Cleaning toilets as an alternative to common cleaners that are harmful to aquatic life. Cleaning silver jewellery Preparing wooden decking and garden furniture for re-treatment. Then use Dri-Pak Liquid Soap to keep them clean. And much more!! If you are looking to use a disinfecting product, remember that it's always advisable to clean an area BEFORE you try to disinfect it. Don't be tempted to mix a cleaning product and a disinfectant at the same time as the former will reduce its effectiveness. You should never mix bleach with other products as it could be potentially dangerous.


Sodium carbonate decahydrate

About the brand

Dri Pak offer a full range of traditional cleaning products which have been valued for their versatile, effective and safe cleaning for many generations. Dri Pak products are made up of natural cleaning agents such as white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, and citric acid which makes sure every room in our home stays naturally fresh and clean. 

Dri Pak has been a pioneer on sustainable cleaning, with packaging decisions on a balance of practicality and 'whole life' impact, they also have a policy of no animal testing and their products are suitable for vegans. Dri Pak products can save you money as they are so versatile and can be used all over the home for many different tasks.


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