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Yarrah Bio-Organic Chewsticks For Dogs With Beef_ Pork & Chicken

Yarrah 33g

Yarrah Organic Dog Chewing Sticks (33g): The Organic Meat Chew Stick is made with no... Read more

Yarrah Organic Dog Chewing Sticks (33g): The Organic Meat Chew Stick is made with no less than 93% meat, of which 81% beef, but we have added additional vitamins, minerals and herbs to ensure it is a responsible treat for your dog. Although the health benefits of these additional ingredients can not be proven because Yarrah will never test on animals, widely available literature supports our reasoning for adding them. All Yarrah products, including the Organic Meat Chew Stick, are free of any chemical additives, hormones, genetically modified materials or preservatives. The environmentally conscious consumer will also be pleased to know that the heat required for drying is captured from generators used in the factory for production of other products. Three Yarrah Organic Meat Chew Sticks are individually wrapped for optimum freshness. 93% meat* and animal derivatives* (of which 81% beef*), cereals* (wheat*, corn*), vitamns and minerals, herbs*, salt, seaweed*, spruilina* (*certified organic ingredients).


Certified B Corp
Cruelty Free

How to use

The sticks can be given as a whole or be broken into smaller pieces. The chewsticks are dried with the heat from generators that are used to manufacture other products. This makes the organic cat snack an eco-friendly product. Amount per day per dog size: Small - 1, Medium - 2, Large - 3, X-Large - 4


77.8% beef trimmings* and beef heart*, 9.6% pork rind*, 7.6% dried chicken*, wheat*, corn*, salt, sandthorn*, seaweed*, and spirulina*. * = organic

About the brand

Yarrah wanted to make the world a better place for pets. Since 1992, they’ve only been making pet food that’s organic and fully natural. They source their ingredients from like-minded farmers who raise their livestock on organic farms to the highest standards of welfare. All in all, Yarrah will have your pet jumping for joy.

Yarrah are an eco-friendly company, as they do not use herbicides, pesticides or hormones during cultivation and/or breeding. The raw ingredients are nutritionally balanced and will keep your pet happy and healthy.


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